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canoodle (OED 1864 (canoodling (1859))

First in a song, "Paddy Loves A Shamrock", published in The Universal Songster, or, Museum
 of Mirth (1826, 1828, 1829, 1832, 1834, and also in 1830's The Shamrock: A Collection of
 Irish Songs):
Together, in a lump,
We the universe would thump,
Should they venture to canoodle
Us, every body knows.

The next is in Currer Lyle: Or, The Stage in Romance, and the Stage in Reality by Louise
Reeder (1856, 1857):
Oh, you miserable, pettifoggin', canoodlin', deceivin', good-for-nothin' creetur!"
shrieked forth Pugs by, as with extended arms she advanced, to fling herself upon his

This is the former transitive sense as defined in the OED, to persuade by deception.
Pettifogging is concerned with legal chicanery and petty quibbling.

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