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>  I assumed the Chicano Studies programs that began sprouting up in the 1970s at California universities involved reclamation/reappropriation, as in the more or less contemporaneous (or later?) Queer Studies.

the first *courses* on gay and lesbian studies appeared in roughly 1970, but university *programs* in gay and lesbian (or lesbian and gay) studies didn't come until the late 80s (CUNY in 1986, City College of San Francisco in 1989).  many of these programs are still called G&L (or L&G) Studies.  i don't know when Queer Studies programs (so called) first appeared, but it was probably in the 90s.

Ohio State has a Queer Studies program as an area within Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Stanford has Queer Studies within Feminist Studies.  naming these things is hell; no name satisfies all the concerned parties.


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