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> What about "leeks" and the ubiquitous Dutch "lekker".
>    VS-)

As in those recipes that begin "Take a leek"?  It appears that "leek" has a different root (OE leac), one widespread in Germanic but unknown outside of it except for borrowings from Germanic (as in Finnish).  I don't know what the Welsh is.
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>> On Apr 28, 2013, at 4:18 AM, Wilson Gray wrote:
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>>>> Oddly enough, in East European countries this
>>>> is not even considered "alternative medicine"--it's a common treatment
>>>> for the common cold, among others.
>>> I've known what cupping was at least as long as I've known of the medicinal
>>> use of leeches (_lekarstvo_, wherein _lek_ has the same root as "leech,"
>>> right, Victor)
>> As do "lexicon", "legend", "legal", "logic", etc.  Those leeches get around!
>> --LH, who recently survived a series of phlebotomy (bloodletting) treatments that no longer involve leeches per se
>>> - since 1945? - and People's article is the first ascription
>>> of the treatment to the Inscrutable East that I've ever come across.
>>> --
>>> -Wilson
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