a nice verb: "truffle"

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Sat Dec 7 18:46:41 UTC 2013

“Truffle” is definitely an amusing verb as used in the citation given.  On the topic of words not in the OED, Dan Clore’s 500+ page Weird Words: A Lovecraftian Lexicon (2009) has quite a few and also of words in the OED the book also has a number of citations antedating the OED entries.

I don’t see Weird Words mentioned in the ADS-L archives.  Abhuman, Acherontian, adjectivies, adjectivitis, aegipanic, aglaophotis, Aidenn, Aidennic, etc.  Don’t be misled by the subtitle: many of the words predate H.P. Lovecraft.  Aglaophotis, for example, is cited to James Freake’s translation of Henry Cornelius Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy (1651), and Aidenn to Edgar Allan Poe.  On the subject of Lovecraftian words, “Wordcount for Lovecraft’s Favorite Words”: http://cthulhuchick.com/wordcount-lovecraft-favorite-words/ (I’m surprised “eldritch” wasn’t one of the most common).

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