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> Are the Texting Zones secure?  I wonder when we’ll hear about the first incident of car highjacking or kidnapping while resting and texting.

No additional security has been added to the rest stops and other locations since rebranding them as text stops, as far as I know.  They’d have whatever security they previously had, which might be none.

"In a 1997 survey of 593 long-distance truck drivers randomly selected at private truck stops and public rest areas in New York, 25 percent of the drivers said that at least once during the last year, they had fallen asleep while driving, and 17 percent said it occurred on more than one occasion.  The frequency of not finding a parking space at a rest area -- 80 percent of the drivers reported that they were always or often unable to find a parking space at a public rest area at night -- was associated with drivers who fell asleep at the wheel in the past year and a tendency to violate regulations.
"When asked what, if anything, discouraged their use of public rest areas in New York, 51 percent of the surveyed drivers cited inadequate parking.  Other common responses were enforcement of the two-hour parking limit (28 percent), prostitution/solicitation (16 percent), lack of security (15 percent), and poor or expensive food (14 percent).”
Koklanaris, Maria. "A Safe Place to Rest." Public Roads 63(5). March/April 2000. http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/publications/publicroads/00marapr/truckers.cfm

"Free Wireless Internet Service (Wi-Fi) access is available to motorists at all 27 Thruway Travel Plazas conveniently located along the 570-mile superhighway."

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