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The OED entry has quotes back to 1973.

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>The term "affluenza" was used in several news articles today.
>Date: December 12, 2013
>Website: Los Angeles Times
>Article title: Texas teen's probation for killing 4 while driving
>drunk stirs anger
>Author: Michael Muskal
>[Begin excerpt]
>A defense psychologist called it “affluenza,” a syndrome that keeps
>someone from a wealthy background from learning that bad behavior has
>[End excerpt]
>There have been multiple attempts to assign this term constructed via
>wordplay an enduring meaning. It was used as a documentary title in
>Affluenza (1997)
>[Begin excerpt]
>TV Movie  -  56 min  -  Documentary  -  15 September 1997 (USA)
>A look at the rampant materialism consuming America.
>[End excerpt]
>Periodical: Business Today
>Year: 1993
>Volume 2, Issues 9-16, Page 128
>(Google Books Snippet View Only; Data may be inaccurate. The same
>definition is given in: 1988, International Management, Volume 43,
>Page 30 according to GB)
>[Begin extracted text]
>BUSINESS TODAY presents its favourite business buzzwords: AFFLUENZA
>That nauseous, guilty feeling that creeps up on people who make more
>money than they think they are worth. Said to be rampant among
>MBA-holders and all stripes of yuppies.
>[End extracted text]
>Year: 1984
>Periodical: Mademoiselle
>Volume 90
>Issues 10-12
>(Google Books Snippet View Only; Data may be inaccurate)
>[Begin extracted text]
>In fact, researchers who have studied the wealthy say they're often
>victims of an illness all their own, "affluenza."
>John Levy, director of the C.G. Jung Institute in San Francisco, has
>described this psychological syndrome found in some children of the
>rich. The symptoms include lack of motivation and self-discipline
>(some wealthy people have trouble committing themselves to any goal);
>boredom; suspiciousness (believing that their friends like them only
>for their money); low self-esteem; and guilt over their wealth.
>[End extracted text]
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