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On Dec 13, 2013, at 8:03 AM, W Brewer wrote:

> Finance:  I would still argue for a sociolectal variation, with the
> citation forms being:
> FIE-naens (L-based speech) vs. fih.NAENS (H-based).

I wonder if there's any evidence for this.  It reminds me of the claim supported by most of my students that /vAz/ as in "pa's" is H (or for $300 and up vases) while /ve:s/ as in "face" is L (for $10 and less vases); the only question, supposedly, is the cut-off point.


> Then the rhythm rule
> would apply to the underlying fih.NAENS to yield HIGH FIE.naens COSTS. But
> that's just me. And anyway my intuition gets crappier the more I think
> about it.
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