colder than a witch's kiss

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Sun Dec 15 17:41:04 UTC 2013

I think that if one goes back into the historiography of witchcraft
one will find coldness of body early listed as one of the
characteristics of witches.  And various body parts called out,
including the (female) breast and its association with nurturing
(coldness indicating a lack of milk).  I am dubious about whether in
the 17th century or earlier there was any notion of being kissed by a witch.

But I don't have documentation to point to.


At 12/15/2013 02:37 AM, W Brewer wrote:
>Euphemism vs. pejoration. Alright, let's play devil's advocate with the
>witch's tits. Which came first, the tits or the kiss? In witch hunts, were
>witches ever specifically identified by a coldness of bosom or by frigid
>The opposite argument would have a witch giving cold kisses (lack of
>interest in male suitors? lesbian?). Then the vulgar-tongued would change
>the expression to teats (bestial connotation) and tits (prurient).

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