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Thu Dec 19 15:29:31 UTC 2013

David Barnhart wrote:
> Here's another item for the grist mill: _ Twitterpocalypse_ ??? (Nexis 3
> quotes, 3 sources, 5 years)

There are also some shorter forms of Twitterpocalypse:


Below are some Google matches:

The Twitterocalypse is Here - But Not on SMS - One Man and His Blog
by Adam Tinworth - in 1,712 Google+ circles
Aug 14, 2008 - It was only once I picked up the ol' iPhone and opened
Twitterific that it became clear that the Twitterocalypse was upon us.
Twitter has ...

Twitter Moves Up The Twitpocalypse. All Hell May Break Loose ...
Jun 12, 2009 - Twitter users, the Twitpocalypse is upon us.
Twitpocalypse is the name given to a bug that's about to be exposed.
Apparently, it's similar to the ...

Twitter survives Twitocalypse, though some apps don't - The Guardian
www.theguardian.com › News › Technology › Technology blog‎
by Charles Arthur - in 5,821 Google+ circles
Jun 14, 2009 - Reading this having clicked through via Twitter? Then
you've not suffered the problem that a lot of people did today when
the number of Twitter ...

Also the shortened twittergeddon: twitgeddon

That's rough, buddy., so, today Jared Padalecki finally got himself a ...
so, today Jared Padalecki finally got himself a twitter account..
guys, we're done! the twitgeddon is here!! deaddollsdontcry: “ he's
already trending worldwide ...


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