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I was curious about when this took the sea voyage to the New World,
and looked in EAN.  Not an antedating, but earlier than the 1760s I
would have expected.  (EAN has earlier instances, but they are in
articles taken from British newspapers.)

"They have by their extraordinary Faculties, wrap'd up this Scheme
[the Land Bank] ... in so bright a Disguise, as to influence some
few, into an Opinion of its being of real Service to their Country,
and to stamp Praise and Patriotism upon their Characters".

Boston Evening-Post, 1740 Nov. 24, 1/2.  EAN.


At 12/25/2013 08:55 AM, Shapiro, Fred wrote:
>patriotism (OED 1716)
>1710? _Resolutions and reasons of the farmers in the shire of
>Berwick, against importing or encouraging French brandy, or other
>foreign prohibited spirits_ 4-5 (Eighteenth Century Collections
>Online)  So that, it being in the Power of Custom to reconcile
>People to the Taste of Whisky, in some short Tract of Time, we think
>a very small Dash of Patriotism may make them dispense with it at
>the Beginning.
>1712 William King _Rufinus_ 20 (Eighteenth Century Collections
>Online)  _Rufinus_ was not a little surprized to find his old
>Friends, the _Populace_, turned upon him, and assuming a Spirit of Patriotism.
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