Quote: I know only two tunes; one is Yankee Doodle, and the other isn't. (U. S. Grant variant Lincoln)

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Bill Mullins
> Didn't Victor Borge use this line?  "One is Clair de Lune and on isn't."

Many thanks Bill. Victor Borge did employ a version of the quip. I
will add it to the article with an acknowledgement. Garson

[ref] 1956 September 16, Morning Advocate (Advocate), Section: Parade Magazine,
Victor Borge: The most popular Dane since Hamlet, Start Page 10, Quote Page 12,
Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (GenealogyBank)[/ref]

[Being excerpt]
Frankly, I only know two numbers. One is Clair de Lune. The other one
isn't. Clair de Lune,
translated into English, means Clear the Saloon. It's the kind of
piece during which people always
[End excerpt]

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