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Dan Amira, Daily Intelligencer, 1/28/13
In an interview with the New Republic over the weekend, President Obama made a
surprising admission. When asked if he's ever fired a gun before, Obama told
the magazine, "Yes, in fact, up at Camp David, we do skeet shooting all the
time." Asked if his family takes part, Obama responded, "Not the girls, but
oftentimes guests of mine go up there."
It was an unexpected revelation from a man not exactly known for being an
outdoorsy, gun-toting type. So unexpected, in fact, that many people aren't
buying it. And we're one of them. Call us the Skeeters.
Ian Reifowitz, Huffington Post, 1/30/13
What's a 'skeeter'? If you loved 'birthers' and 'truthers', well, I've got a new
one for you. [...] You see, Representative Marsha Blackburn, Republican of
Tennessee, spoke out this week and expressed her doubts regarding the veracity
of President Obama's recent statements that, not only does he respect the
rights of gun owners, he has in fact himself enjoyed skeet shooting with
friends occasionally during visits to the presidential retreat at Camp David.
In fact, Rep. Blackburn is actually part of a "chorus of skeptics" -- I've
dubbed them 'skeeters' -- who are questioning whether the president has ever
really participated in skeet shooting.
Bob Cesca, Huffington Post, 1/31/13
Yes, in the wake of the current president remarking that he has occasionally
gone skeet shooting at Camp David, there appears to be a Skeet Shooting
Truther, or "Skeeter," movement picking up steam on the far-right.
Dan Pfeiffer (White House spokesman), Twitter, 2/2/13
For all the "skeeters": POTUS shoots clay targets on the range at Camp David on
Aug. 4, 2012.


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