"Blow me up"

Tyler Schnoebelen tylers at STANFORD.EDU
Mon Feb 4 05:51:52 UTC 2013

I encountered a usage I hadn't heard before and wondered what you all knew about it. The phrase is "to blow someone up" meaning to expose something about them that was meant to be hidden.

Example, say during the half-time dancing period in the middle of a drag show.

A to stranger: I'm really impressed that you knew all the words to that Jewel song.
B to stranger: He really means that--we danced our way across the dance floor so he could let you know.
A to B: If you're gonna blow me up like that, we can't hang out.


ps--I've been to an unconference and they are a pretty awesome way to bring ppl together. This site makes them reasonably easy to organize (probably in conjunction w something like Meetup.org): http://www.unconference.net/

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