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There's a tale of this happening going back to at least WWII, except that it
was a friend of the wounded man who had the gun and insisted the doctor
treat the man. It's told in Cornelius Ryan's "A Bridge Too Far." IIRC (it's
been a long time since I read the book), Ryan could not verify that it
actually happened, but he said it was too good a story not to tell. James
Caan plays the sergeant with the gun in the movie version.

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Actually, I reference a claim by a friend, an Army physician's assistant,
that he had directed, at gunpoint, that he be moved from the "expectant" to
the "immediate" group.
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DH: <<<No, the first order of urgency is to disarm the casualties to they
don't dispute your decisions.>>>
WB:  Touche', Dr Hause. Loose cannons in the wards would not be very
hospitable. ... Or by disarming did you mean ... AMPUTATION?

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