Another non-apology

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Thu Feb 7 00:19:05 UTC 2013

 From the Boston Globe's article today on the fact-finding report
about involuntary servitude of women and girls, under Irish
government oversight, in the "Magdalene Laundries" from 1922 to 1996.

>The Sisters of Our Lady of Charity of Refuge, which ran the two
>biggest laundries in Dublin, in a statement expressed "deep regret"
>that many residents "did not experience our refuge as a place of
>protection and care." But they suggested that women in their care
>faced worse conditions and fewer options in the hostile Ireland
>outside the laundry.

In other words, "it's your fault because although we told you our
institution was a refuge you did not experience it as caring and protective."


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