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At 2/5/2013 07:12 PM, Laurence Horn wrote:
>On Feb 5, 2013, at 4:14 PM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
> > Once they reanimate him (preferably as a member of a certain political
> > party that shall go nameless), I will graciously retract my objection.
> >
> > JL
>Wasn't there a satire in the 70s of Nixon as a (more-or-less)
>reanimated Richard III?

I remember so, and indeed it seems so.  Google Imaging the two in
combination finds from the New Yorker Archive
(For discussion, click on "Visit page".)

And there is M. G. Aune, "The Uses of Richard III : from Robert Cecil
to Richard Nixon",  Shakespeare Bulletin
Volume 24, Number 3, Fall 2006, pp. 23-47 |
10.1353/shb.2006.0045.  Unfortunately, it's from Project Muse, but on
the accessible page I find "This essay will examine the character of
Richard III and the social and sometimes political uses to which it
has been put in two distinct cultural moments: early modern England
and postwar England and America," and a comment that the use of the
"stage Richard" revived in 1973.


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