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You may want to re-check your sources, Wilson, as the town of Brainerd,
North Dakota, while apparently legendary, doesn't actually exist!

Perhaps you're thinking of Brainerd, Minnesota, the setting of the movie
Fargo (which despite its title had nothing to do with Fargo or North
Dakota in general). Which makes it even more ironic that the Coen
brothers shot the scenes of "Brainerd" in my own hometown of Bathgate,
North Dakota.

I've always been struck by the number of people who watch Fargo and
think they're getting a glimpse into North Dakotan culture. Of course,
I'm sure we're not too different from our eastern neighbors, but if
there really are people in Minnesota who talk like Jerry Lundegaard, I
haven't yet stumbled on any in my neck of the woods.

(Just a pet peeve.)


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