Is this good usage?

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At 2/8/2013 10:06 AM, Dan Nussbaum wrote:
>Is this good usage? Can something be migrated?

Some context would help.  But I've migrated software to new platforms:  OED3:
7. Computing.
  a. trans. To transfer (data, programs, etc.) from one environment to another.
[From 1983.]

OED3 also has:
3. trans. To move or relocate (a person, object, custom, etc.). rare.
1768–74   A. Tucker Light of Nature (1834) I.
386   If one of us were migrated into their enormous hulks.
1928   Sunday Dispatch 29 July 7/2   The
proposals for migrating unemployed workers.
1997   J. Brook in S. Champion Disco Biscuits
141   The Egyptians are thousands of miles away.
It's unlikely they migrated the custom [of mummification].
1998   Times 12 June 11/5   Documents from 1954
showed that 49 children had not been migrated
because they were—in the language of the time—‘half-caste’.


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