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Not sure to which reality show you are referring, but, I have noticed among my Latino students that a number of them only use the word 'restroom' rather than 'bathroom' even when the space that they are designing is residential and includes bathing facilities.

I have often wondered whether it had to do with the fact that some of them learned English primarily in elementary school, where they had only restrooms, not bathrooms.
Kate Svoboda-Spanbock

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>> That is, she finished cleaning what was known, in my lost youth, as a
>> "bathroom," before "bathroom" came to mean, "facility open to the
>> general public for the excretion of bodily wastes."
> Apparently, "restroom" is Sheila's only word for _bathroom_.
> Throughout the entire course of the reality show, "restroom" is the
> only word that she uses, even for the bathroom in her own house.
> Youneverknow.
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