OT: Saturday 11:30 AM - 26 inches

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sat Feb 9 21:01:34 UTC 2013

On Feb 9, 2013, at 11:46 AM, Alice Faber wrote:

> The town where Larry H and I live has the third highest accumulation in
> the state, 36" on average and before drifting. I just spent 45 minutes
> shoveling my front stoop, as the drift was much higher. Balancing out
> the drifts, I do have bare grass on one side of my house.

Ditto on all counts, except I haven't gotten down to any grass yet.  I'm sure it's down there somewhere.
The drifts in our front yard are around 40"-44" high.

> On 2/9/13 11:41 AM, Joel S. Berson wrote:
>> At 11:30 AM locally, and I mean very locally, about 26 inches on the
>> level and up to 5 feet in the drifts.  Although right behind my
>> detached garage, I can see the grass.  (Admittedly this is the
>> weather side; it will be lower on the lee side.)
>> Joel
>> At 2/8/2013 10:47 PM, paul johnson wrote:
>>> Effect coddled easterners,in the  middle west only the amateurs get out
>>> rulers before a foot has fallen
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