Help reading a 1735 Boston newspaper

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Sun Feb 10 21:23:07 UTC 2013

I ask for help from those with access to EAN in reading a dateline in
the Boston Gazette of 1735 Oct. 6.  On page 4, col. 1, is the end of
a letter signed and dated --

????, -------- 1735                     ESCULAPIUS

I am at a loss for the first four characters, which look a little
like "Ceot" but might be otherwise; and therefore also for a possible
meaning.  Normally, I would expect a place name, in this case in
Massachusetts or (less likely, from the text of the letter) New Hampshire.

The letter is well-known in the literature on the "throat distemper"
(here diphtheria), but I have not found anyone supposing an author
(which might have been a clue to place).

Any suggestions?

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