OT: Saturday 11:30 AM - 26 inches

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What seems fishy to me is a theory that suggests a station owned by
NBCUniversal would choose a name in order to benefit Disney, a

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> On Feb 10, 2013, at 2:20 PM, Victor Steinbok wrote:
>> Apparently, CBS et al. are running out of apocalyptic terms for storms.
>> The latest story refers to "Behemoth storm". No Leviathan sightings yet...
>> But the -pocalypse/-mageddon pair are not forgotten. The City of Boston
>> on Facebook posted a couple of photos of "Snowmageddon". There is also a
>> Hartford video titled "Snowpacolypse" [sic].
>> Meanwhile, trouble brewing over the Weather Channel's naming of the
>> storm "Nemo"--it seems that they pulled that one out of a hat.
>> http://goo.gl/SkV5x
> Yes it did seem a bit fishy to me.  Most of the broad- and cablecast coverage here seems to use a description ("The Blizzard of 2013" or whatever) rather than a name.  The problem with Nemo is that it conjures up either a little fish or, to me, "Nemo the Magnificent" (from the old movie they showed in science class in elementary school, Hemo the Magnificent), but after two days of barely getting the sidewalk and car shoveled out and wondering whether the plows will come to liberate us before spring from our 40-inch-thick white blanket here in Hamden CT, "magnificent" isn't the descriptor that would leap to our tongue.
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