"Book bible" -- not in OED

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Now that I know more about what they are, I note that "book bible" --
as well as "show bible" -- are not in the OED.  But I do not envy the
minions searching for the former.


At 2/11/2013 12:28 PM, Dave Wilton wrote:
>"Show bible" is a standard TV industry term for a document that outlines the
>concept and backstory for a television series. It's used to inform writers
>and directors of the creator's intent and to help maintain continuity.
>It sounds like "book bible" may be lifted from this.
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>I encountered the following on an email list.  I have not seen or heard the
>term "book bible".  The description of what the author wanted sounds merely
>like a book index, although very comprehensive.  Perhaps users of the phrase
>apply it only to fiction series, where the writer wants to be factual in
>succeeding publications (that is, to avoid inconsistencies).  I suppose
>because it is the truth about the fiction.
>"I hired a college student to assemble a book bible for my urban fantasy
>series last year. I was doing edits on the second book and about to begin
>the third, and was spending way too much time flipping through the first
>manuscript to fact-check details (was Alex driving a Mercedes or a BMW, and
>was it a convertible? That kind of thing). I had her make an index of all
>proper nouns, character details, world building details, lists of charms and
>potions my character made, etc.
>She's done the first two books and will be adding details from book three
>this year. It has saved a LOT of time."
>Googling seems inefficient (I'm an agnostic, and too many hits are for The
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