"off ice"

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Too bad -- I like the metaphor.


At 2/20/2013 06:05 PM, Victor Steinbok wrote:
>This is a reversal of a more common problem that is not even a typo.
>Quite often web formatting, for some unknown reason, eats spaces. In
>this case, it appears to have generated one.
>     VS-)
>On 2/20/2013 1:11 PM, Joel S. Berson wrote:
>>At 2/20/2013 12:57 PM, Laurence Horn wrote:
>>>And yet another infamous golf round, according to the implication of
>>>a HuffPost headline today:
>>>Obama Golfed With Oil Men As Climate Protesters Descended On White House
>>>I read one of the comments in response to this piece as proposing an
>>>interesting new sports metaphor that I couldn't quite work out:
>>>Obama is merely a brand that American people have vicariously
>>>bought. The off ice of the presidency, after Kennedy (and perhaps
>>>the exception of carter) has become merely a resume builder.
>>>But on closer examination the "off ice of the presidency" was not a
>>>hockey-inspired allusion to Obama's "on ice" vs. "off ice"
>>>activities, but a mere typo.  Unless there really are no mistakes.
>>I read "off ice" as (presidential) activities not related to the "on
>>ice" real, or at least official, duties of the presidency.  Such as
>>appearances with celebrities in other endeavors, as "resume
>>builders".  So it strikes me as a clever and useful metaphor.
>>"On [basketball] court", "off court"?  (Although perhaps these days
>>it should be "in court", "out of court" for Hollywood and sports
>>celebrities.)  Etc.?
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