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Sat Feb 23 16:45:01 UTC 2013

HS:  <<<Was there also a nom. sg. locum?>>>
WB:  Not that I recall.  "Some day" I'll dig up my Leumann-Hofmann-Szantyr
out of the attic. All I have at hand are Wheelock & Allen & Greenough:
     locus (masculine) 'place, passage in literature'.
Two plurals: (1) loca (neuter) 'places, region' ("the usual plural"); (2)
loci (masc) 'single places; passages in literary works'. (loc. cit.)
The word paraschematic comes to mind, in reference to this locus : loca
variation. But I'm not sure anymore.
Enough to drive an hombre loco. En la vida loca. Basta. Envi'elo.

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