Antedating of "MILF"

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Try this:

"MILF" seems not to have shown up in Fall 1991.

(Gettin' on to a quarter of a century ago, if you're counting.)


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> Jesse Sheidlower wrote
> > My standards for _The F-Word_ aren't the same as those of the OED, so my
> > acceptance of something in the former doesn't mean that similar
> > standards would be accepted by OED bibliographers. I hope that they'll
> > accept the 1992 date in the 1995 paper that Garson found, but I'm not
> > sure.
> Trying to push the 1995 date back to 1992: Laurel A. Sutton presented
> her research at a conference in April 1992, and the Proceedings has
> her 13 page paper, The title matches the chapter name in the 1995
> book. Here is a link to a web page that lists information about the
> conference and the paper:
> [Begin excerpt]
> Locating Power: Proceedings of the Second Berkeley Women and Language
> Conference
> The second Women and Language Conference was held on April 4th and
> 5th, 1992, in Berkeley, California.
> The conference proceedings were edited by Kira Hall, Mary Bucholtz,
> and Birch Moonwomon.
> Laurel A. Sutton, Bitches and skankly hobags: The place of women in
> contemporary slang: 560-572
> [End excerpt]
> Google Books contains the 1992 Proceedings "Locating Power" (which
> seems to be two volumes). There is a match that displays a snippet
> with the paper title. But I cannot coax GB to match "MILF" or its
> definition. It is possible that the Proceedings version of the paper
> did not include the Appendix with MILF. Alternatively, the match is
> absent because the GB database has bad scans, missing scans, corrupted
> data, poor OCR etcetera.
> Ben: Thanks for your compliment, and thanks for providing the name of
> Sutton's chapter.
> Garson
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