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> don't know what sound the ampersand stands for, but FWIW, I pronounce the "au" in "cauldron" just like the "a" in "father," that is, "ah." That seems in line with /ˈkɔːl.drən/ given in Wiktionary ( and the OED.

I agree. (Ampersand = "ash," since not all phonetic symbols make it
through unscathed. I'm surprised that yours did. It's good
news, if the regular symbols can now be used without having your post
reduced to gibberish.)
> Wiktionary gives "caldron" as an alternative spelling of "cauldron," and the OED traces the spelling of "caldron" to 1425.

When the Times starts using a particular spelling, it's not exactly a
mere "alternative," anymore. <sigh!>

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