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> the Americanization of German surnames

You're assuming the existence of some pswaydo-standard? I was in high
school with one Rudolf Roeder, known as "Rudy Raider." Therefore, IMO,
Boehner is pronounced "Bayner," which is supported in my mind by the
existence of the, IMO, re-spelling, "Bayner." But, if *Boehner* were
to say, "My name is pronounced "Boner," I wouldn't care. This is ;ikr
the discussion of Obama's accent: which one is real and which one is
Memorex. I, too, speak to white people one way and to black people
another way. White people have pointed this out to me for the past
half-centuty, as though I was somehow unaware of this. If I wasn't
aware that white people were listening, I'd have been speaking almost
a different language, when I'm speaking to other black people.

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