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>From the Washington Post October 18, 2011:

CPSC database faces first legal challenge
By Dina ElBoghdady,October 18, 2011

A new consumer complaints database faced its first legal challenge this week when a company tried to block the federal agency that runs it from posting what the firm described as “baseless allegations” against its product.

The database, launched in March by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, is a Web site where consumers can report and review incidents involving any of the thousands of products that the agency regulates — from candles to refrigerators.


The lawsuit, filed Monday in a federal district court in Maryland, seeks to prevent the CPSC from making public an incident that allegedly harmed a child. In addition, it wants to keep under seal any related documents and the identity of the company, describing it only as “Company Doe,” a maker and seller of consumer products.

<end quote>

October 18, 2011 was a Tuesday, so the "Monday" the suit was filed is apparently October 17, 2011.  As best as I can determine, the identity of "Company Doe" has not yet been revealed.

Does anyone know of an earlier use of this variation on "John Doe"?

     - Jim Landau

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