Morning Glory Road renamed due to sexual connotation

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> "morning wood"

IME, "wood" itself - with a sexual meaning - is new. And I'm way ahead
of the curve! There's a relatively-recent, neo-blaxploitation flick
caiied "The Wood." I took the title to be one of those sneaky puns so
beloved of B-movie makers. However, "The Wood" turned out to be used,
in the movie, *only* as the local BE-slang nickname for Inglewood, an
inurb of South-Central Los Angeles that was all-white, back in the
day, but which is now, obviously, majority-black.

OT. There's a certain bizarreness about the perception of time. "Back
in the day" was over 55 years ago. Yet, now that I'm rolling downhill
toward eighty, "it seems like only yesterday," to coin a phrase. I was
actually startled that to discover that Inglewood had shifted from
white to black so "quickly." Yet, IME, such a shift can take place in
as few as five years. So, over a half-century is *far* more than
enough time for such a shift to occur.

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