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>>> See, a cow's tail follows the cow around like it's dependent or something.
>> I was thinking about something based on "kowtow," but you've persuaded
>> me otherwise.
> Sounds like an eggcorn to me, though there seems to be a use based on the shape of a cow's tail:

I think the Ty Cobb one really does involve a cowtail, but JL's is more like this one:

Concerned Aussie of Aust. Posted at 10:59 AM November 18, 2010
I am NOT a Falun Gong follower. But there seems to a point that most are missing, in that the Chinese government escorted an Australian civillain doing her job from an aircraft and was interrogated with no representation from the Australian Government present. QANTAS on the other hand has cowtailed to the Chinese Government who seem to be pushing their muscle around yet again and for that matter so has the  Australian Government cowtailed to the Chinese yet again. Falun Gong seems to be a non-violent religion but is treated like criminals in China and China exherts its power wherever it feels like to attack these people.

Note also the link to this earlier discussion:


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