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"Man in the boat" is the only slang I've ever run across.

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> Back in the day, I posted about my having asked a couple of friends,
> ca. 1963, whether they knew of a slang term for _clitoris_. He said,
> "purr tongue." She said, "pearl tongue." Neother infornant was
> and neither found it strange that I didn't already know the word, nor
> did either ask me whether I knew a different word. Too bad.
> A discussion might have led to some random historical or etymological
> insight. Since I, unfortunately, was asking only out of the merest
> curiosity, that was the end of my "research," beyond concluding that
> these words were variants and yjay there was no way to discover the
> original word. If I hadn't happened, on a whim, to ask, I would never
> have become aware of the existence of the words at all. I've yet ti
> hear them used in the wild, since, on the *very*rare occasions that
> I've heard the organ referred to among the bruz and cuz in the wild,
> "clitteriss" was the only word used. And only now has it occurred to
> that these slang words may even be, themselves. variants of some third
> word.
> IAC, both variants can now be found in Google, with the earliest
> example that my casual search found being from only 1967.
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