Heard on the The Doctors: "boody"

Wilson Gray hwgray at GMAIL.COM
Tue Jan 8 19:56:34 UTC 2013

ER physician:

"Are you feeling pain anywhere?"

West Indian - or should that be, "African-Caribbean"? - patient:

"I'm hurting all over me _boody_ [bUdI]!"

The undoubtedly obscure-to-everyone-but-Jon point is that it has been
suggested that American-BE "boody" / "booty" is of Caribbean-BE

IMO, the canonical spelling should be _boody_. any phonological
connection between this word and standard _booty_ is entirely
coincidental, and any claim of a semantic connection the two is, at
best, spurious.

Otherwise, I have an open mind and the "cite" is offered as no more
than a random observation and not as "evidence" of anything.

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