Further Antedating of "Boondoggle"

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Fred: Thanks for sharing the citation for boondoggle that was
published in the New York Herald Tribune on August 3, 1929.

When boondoggle was discussed on the ADS list in September 2012
Stephen Goranson posted evidence (an unverified snippet) for a cite
with the same date, August 3, 1929, that had been printed in the
Western Daily Press, Bristol, England


Also in September 2012 I posted an instance of boondoggle that was
published on the same day, August 3, 1929, in The Times of London. The
instance was located in The Times Digital Archive 1785-2006.


Cite: 1929 August 3, The Times (London), Scouting And Peace: The March
Past, Quote Page 10, Column 1, London, England. (Times Digital Archive

[Begin excerpt]
The Prince of Wales, after playing nine holes at golf, lunched in
mess, and this afternoon, representing the King, arrived at the Grand
Stand in the rally ground at half-past 2. A very large number of
visitors for the time being augmented the population of the Scout
city. The Prince, who was wearing a boondoggle given him this morning
in the American camp, took his position on the saluting base, and the
great march past began.
[End excerpt]

So now there are two (probably three) examples of boondoggle published
on the same day.

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> boondoggle (OED 1935)
> 1929 _New York Herald Tribune_ 3 Aug. 1 (ProQuest Historical Newspapers)  T=
> he Prince also wore around his scout hat a "boondoggle," which is a bright =
> leather braided lanyard worn much in the manner of the hat cord used by the=
>  United States Army.
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