"pee" goes standard

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Sat Jan 12 18:40:02 UTC 2013

In 2009 I wondered here (Subject: The new potty language for adults)
about whether "#1" and "#2" had become standard beyond the toddling
age, appearing on a sign associated with (some) water-saving toilets
in Harvard University buildings as (uhm) headings for explanations
about flushing (push handle up for liquid waste, down for solid).

(No, not American Standard; rather another maker.)


At 1/12/2013 12:15 PM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>Headline at Yahoo! News:
>"Ancient Pompeiians Could Go Upstairs to Pee."
>In my day polite individuals didn't use this word in public, much less in a
>routine news headline.  You might get a pass if you were a toddler, but
>older than that you'd get a reprimand.
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