The word "right" for a coincidence that is bad

Benjamin Barrett gogaku at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sat Jan 12 23:21:37 UTC 2013

When discussing the "right" conditions for a coincidence to occur, there is a tendency to correct the word "right" if the coincidence is not favorable, but AFAIK, nobody just says "in the wrong conditions," because that would be misleading.

I can't imagine trying to search for this, so perhaps it has been discussed and FWIW.

I have a quote from Humphrey Carter, I believe, from the "Making of" Blue-Rays of the "Lord of the Rings." It's in the Fellowship set and I can find the exact position if anyone is interested. The quote:

And in fact, under the right circumstances--I should say, the wrong circumstances--it will be you.

He's discussing that in the story, anyone could be tempted by the Ring.

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