heftybogging: Bataan [buh-taen] > [buh-tAHn]

W Brewer brewerwa at GMAIL.COM
Tue Jan 15 18:53:32 UTC 2013

JB:  <<<Does W. Brewer know of something he might call a "bottle of
WB:  I pivot JB's debate (ala Sarah Palin) to my prior query about a label
for the elegantification of "native" words. I hereby claim coinage to the
word *HEFTYBOG*. WG's example of "Battle of Bataan" [buh-'thaen] >
[buh-'thAHn] set me to thinking about the Jonathon Winter's 1970s ad for
Hefty (c) bags, which turned ordinary garbage into [g at r'bAHzh]. Those
inclined towards using (hyper-)gallicistic variants of English vocabulary
would be called *HEFTYBOGGERS*. The process could be called *HEFTYBOGGING*.

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