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>> >I first heard of foam parties 20+ years ago in Spain, so no, they're not
>> >unique to England. I never understood them. But now I see why they might
>> >be so popular. All I can say is "ewww." I thought peeing in the pool was
>> >bad enough. . . .
> What caught my eye is that one (or the other) may go into the foam to
> grope (or be groped), but goes into "another section" to hook up.
> Presumably "touch" = "grope."  Does the foam hide the act?
> And thus "hooking up" must be the (a) next stage after "touching" --
> in my youth, the stages were called "bases".  (Note: This context
> seems to provide a fine discrimination for its meaning of "hook
> up.")  So must the "other section" provide even more invisibility?
I don't know. The images I've seen show people waist to chest deep in
foam, so yes, it could hide the act. They may have gone to another
section for some seclusion of some sort. I dunno. . . We're moving from
lexicographic issues to other issues that are, uh, tangential and more
related to my locking up my teens if they ever mention going to a foam

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