Is this a good sentence?

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Fri Jan 18 14:32:36 UTC 2013

On Jan 18, 2013, at 7:15 AM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:

>> "I love me some him."
> If anybody ever said that, I'd vote it QOTY.
> Who's the verbal genius/moron responsible?
> JL

“I Love Me Some Him”, rendition by Toni Braxto, nlyrics by SoulShock & Karlin, Andrea Martin, and Gloria Stewart, with the chorus

I love me some him
I’ll never love this way again
I love me some you
Another man will never do

reached the top of the charts in 1997, and has been a snowclone ever since (try googling "I love me some").  It's also the title of an obscure 2008 paper ('"I love me some him": the landscape of non-argument datives') by some linguist or other, but s/he's probably not the genius/moron you're referring to. Cf. for related discussion.


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>>> I'm not about "good" or "bad" when it's not my dialect, but my guess (in
>> print a few years back) is that people who want to try out the personal
>> dative because it's trendy ("I love me some him", "I love me some Wilson
>> Gray", "He needs him a new pickup", etc.) but don't really control the
>> construction end up using the reflexive (because they're used to using the
>> reflexive in ordinary indirect object sentences ("He got himself a new
>> pickup").  So the "correct" dialectal ordinary pronoun in the above
>> sentence (" those who love them some heavy metal") is naturalized to
>> the reflexive ("…to those who love themselves some heavy metal").
>> Once thar you've explained it, it has become transparent! Well done! ;-)
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