Throwing oneself a fastball

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Sat Jan 19 14:37:31 UTC 2013

On Jan 19, 2013, at 9:09 AM, Neal Whitman wrote:

> From my page-a-day "What Your Poo Is Telling You" calendar:
> "... some people just love the smell of their own farts. These unique individuals are [said] to throw themselves fastballs. These people like to fart on their own hands and then put their hands up to their own noses and inhale deeply."
> A quick Google search reveals no relevant hits. I can't access DARE or HDAS at the moment, so it might be in those places.
> In any case, I've never caught a whiff of this idiom before. Have you? And are there other expressions for this activity?
> Neal
from urbandictionary:

5.       Fastball       32 up, 408 down
When you place your hand in a cup-shaped form behind your ass. Then you fart into your hand and move your hand (still in cup shape) towards your friend / person's nose, carrying the fart in it. Hence a fastball.
My fastball just knocked out Kim Dollof.

Note the vote, although I'm never sure whether those votes represent a considered disagreement about the accuracy of the lexicographic content or an aesthetic judgment about the denotatum.

I'd check my own page-a-day "What Your Poo is Telling You" calendar, but I must have misplaced mine.  All I have is this one from the Metropolitan Museum and surprisingly none of the reproductions (at least through mid-January) feature anyone throwing themselves a fastball.  Of course some of them are non-representational…


P.S.  Wonder what "throwing oneself a curve" might be

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