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Paul Johnson
Has anyone asked, whatr the difference is between Pen Pal and Girl
Friend, or is in the age of instant messaging there is no such thing as
a pen/text/IM/PM/pals, they are all friends as in Facebook. Would
someone refer to ne of 200 friends as a "Girl Friend"?  Would a male be
called a boy friend?
My age group, only gays have boyfriends   To my ears there is a whole
universe of both meaning and intent between, "girl Friend" and "a girl I
On 1/19/2013 11:21 AM, Dan Goncharoff wrote:
> Seen today in an e-mail from The Daily Beast
> , but took
> credit for some misleading details—like telling his father he’d met
> Kekua in Hawaii when he hadn’t—as a means of protecting the fact that
> he’d never met his alleged girlfriend from the public. "
> I didn't know facts needed to be protected from the public.
> DanG
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