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On Jan 25, 2013, at 2:27 PM, Benjamin Barrett wrote:

> Dolsot (also spelled "dol sot") is in the Seattle Times today ( It's the "stone" bowl that bibimbap is sometimes served in. The dolsot gives the rice that semi-crunchy texture like half-burned macaroni in a casserole.
> Dolsot isn't in Wiktionary, the OED or the AHD. Wikipedia gives the Korean spelling as 돌솥 under
> The earliest I see the word in Google Books is 1992 ( as part of the name of a restaurant. Surely the term would have been on their menus as well as the menus of other restaurants by that date.
> The next appearance on Google Books is 1996 in the phrase "dolsot bi bim bap" (
> The Internet has two pages from 1994:
> (dolsot)
> (dol sot)
> Benjamin Barrett
> Seattle, WA
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I haven't encountered that useful and authentic sounding term.  Around these parts the distinction is between "bibimbap" and "stone pot bibimbap", so presumably the latter = dolsot bibimbap.


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