Prepper communes

Victor Steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Thu Jan 31 03:20:54 UTC 2013

Has "prepper" been on any recent WOTY list? I have no idea how old the
term is. With the explosion of information on "prepper commune" ("The
Citadel"), I was wondering if this is a "teabagger" type term that's
gone from inept self-description to mocking  -er. It certainly appears
that the term has been in use among survivalists for some time:
> Welcome to the Survival Forums.
> This site is for the discussion of Survival, Preparedness, Preppers,
> Survival Food, Survival Kits, SHTF, Survivalist, Homesteading, and more

The Citadel is getting even more attention today because of last nights
The Daily Show rip.


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