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I am about 81% certain that I verified this point--but I can't find my pertinent notes.  Somebody is always sneaking into my office and hiding my notes . . . .

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This question makes me nervous -- has anyone actually confirmed that this quote appears in the film?  I'm not sure whether the Dictionary of Modern Proverbs verified it, or relied on the Yale Book of Quotations citation, which may have come from a secondary source.

Fred Shapiro

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Victor Steinbok wrote way back on May 8, 2011
> I am having a moment of doubt--the line is clearly in the movie version of
> Catch-22 (1970):
> Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.

Victor, Fred, Charlie or anyone: Could you tell me who speaks this
line in the film Catch-22 and when it is spoken ( approximate elapsed
time from the beginning of the film). Thanks.

> But is it in the book (1961, but written over about 8 years)? Because, if it
> isn't...

I have not seen any evidence that the line is in the book Catch-22.
Would be happy to see such evidence (i.e. page number and edition).


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