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Stick with Milo.


On 7/3/2013 4:26 AM, ADSGarson O'Toole wrote:
> A request to trace the quotation about paranoia was sent to me
> recently. Before sending a message to the ADS mailing list I checked a
> subtitle database that included Catch-22 and was unable to find the
> quotation. (Ben noted the absence in subtitles files.) I checked the
> list of movie quotations given in the IMDB entry for Catch-22 and the
> statement was absent. I checked Wikiquote and could not find a
> relevant listing for the expression. These three searches were
> indirect and not decisive.
> Now I have obtained a copy of the film and watched just the beginning.
> The subscript files and scripts online are generally of poor quality.
> Words and phrases are omitted.
> Here is some dialog that is thematically similar to the quotation. The
> key term is "persecution complex" and not "paranoid". The dialog
> delivery in the film overlaps, and I do not know all the characters,
> so the transcript is rough.
> Nately: You don't make any sense.
> Unknown: You don't even know who you hate.
> Unknown: You've got a persecution complex.
> Yossarian: Your damn right I have.
> Dobbs: You admit it!
> Yossarian: I admit I'm being persecuted.
> McWatt: By whom.
> Yossarian: By them.
> Dobbs: But, who specifically is "them"?
> Yossarian: Every one of them!
> Dobbs: Everyone of who?
> Yossarian: Everyone of who do you think?
> Dobbs: I haven't any idea!
> Yossarian: Then how do you know they aren't?
> Group: Ahhhhh.
> McWatt: That's sheer what-do-you-call-it.
> Unknown: Sophistry.
> McWatt: Right, sophistry.
> Yossarian: Like hell it is, McWatt. Those bastards are trying to kill me!
> Milo: No one's trying to kill you, sweetheart. Now, eat dessert like a good boy.
> I will watch more of the film when I have a chance.
> Garson

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