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Just so that we don't lose track, I'm assuming "absence of citations of
any sort from the 1970s " refers to citations to the movie. There are,
of course, plenty of citations through the 1970s, complete with 1967 and
1973 NYT mention of buttons, plus The attribution to Kissinger with the
initial use, supposedly, referenced in connection with Yom Kippur war. I
just checked the earlier posts on this thread and that's the basic
account. What is absent, however, are any citations to Heller or the
movie. It's possible that it appears in graffiti shown in the movie, but
it's a stretch.


On 7/4/2013 2:05 PM, Shapiro, Fred wrote:
> I think that Garson's not finding the "paranoid" quotation in screening the film of Catch-22, together with the absence of citations of any sort from the 1970s and other indications such as the absence of any Catch-22 quotation like this in any of the several good books of film quotations, makes it clear that the citation to Catch-22 for the "paranoid" quotation is erroneous.  I take responsibility for this error since Charlie Doyle, in editing the Dictionary of Modern Proverbs, must have relied on my saying it occurred in the film.  I must have gotten the erroneous film citation from secondary sources.
> Fred Shapiro

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