Pigging out at Golden Corral's "troth"

Neal Whitman nwhitman at AMERITECH.NET
Mon Jul 8 22:05:41 UTC 2013

I remember the days when my mother, brother, sister, and I would go with
our aunt to visit my great-grandmother at the retirement home, and take
her to Golden Corral for lunch. We couldn't go anywhere else, because if
we did, every 10 minutes or so during our meal, my g-grandmother would
interrupt with, "This isn't where we usually go, is it?"

Anyway, it seems GC has jumped into the news with an employee-made video
of foodbeing stored next to a dumpster. A guy named Mackinley Greenlaw
comments on it in a one-minute video, and 15 seconds in, refersto GC's
"literal [sic] troth [sic] of deeply saturated factory-farmed food
gobs". The /trOT/ pronunciation was new to me. It's also unclear exactly
what he means by "deeply saturated". I figure the idea of "saturated
fat" was probably in MG's mind when he said this, but it seems to have
mutated fromfats saturated with hydrogen bonds (or whatever it is)to
food saturated with fat, or grease or oil.



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