Irish Alzheimer's

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It's summertime, George.  But here's my initial take on it.



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Irish Alzheimer's, {w}  See the quotations for the meaning.  Nonstandard
(used in slang contexts dealing especially with crime; frequent)

Dementia is the bogeyman of old age. The definition of Irish Alzheimer's
Disease is that you forget everything except 'the grudge'.  Shay Healy,
Irish Daily Mail (Nexis), July 6, 2013, p 53

The House decided to spill out more money while the chamber was awash in
Zodiac jokes and Regan's revenge on Nancy Reagan for getting him fired was
discussed with huge relish among the Democrats. Sample quip: "Regan has
Irish Alzheimer's -- forgets everything but the grudges." Mary McGrory, The
Washington Post (Nexis), May 5, 1988, p A2

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