"Clique" redux

Wilson Gray hwgray at GMAIL.COM
Thu Jul 18 05:12:15 UTC 2013

IIRC, in a discussion some years ago, it was decided that [klIk] was
the preferred pronunciation of _clique_. In this past Sunday's issue
of the NYT Mag, on p.54a, there appears,

… a violent Crips "click" [sic]

presumably, the author either does not recognize [klIk] as a valid
pronunciation of "clique" or, perhaps, regards "click" as BE slang for
a subset of the members of a gang.

The OED Online has only the pronunciation [kli:k] for clique. OTOH, it
notes that

"click, _n.3_" is the "anglicized form of clique _n. 1_," defined as
"1. A small and exclusive party or set, a narrow coterie or circle:
…," having the "pronunciation:  /klIk/"

So, the OED recognises only [kli:k] as the pronunciation of clique,
but recognises click as an alternate *spelling* that has the alternate
*pronunciation* [klIk]?

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