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victor steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Mon Jul 22 15:19:07 UTC 2013

You have a right to wonder. I've seen both "Christmas in July"
versions and the extended version. Just from recollection, I did a
search and came up with what I expected:

> Cyber Monday - Every Monday Deals

OfficeMax has been using this for a while and I suspect that's the
original source.


On 7/22/13, Dave Wilton <dave at wilton.net> wrote:
> I am curious as the exact wording of the advertisement.
> There are multiple possible explanations.
> 1) There is a website cybermonday.com, and it could refer to products
> offered through that or through similarly named entities.
> 2) It could be akin to "Christmas in July," as it is used on this website:
> http://couponsdealsandmore.com/deals/qvc-cyber-monday-deals-in-july/
> (Not sure how long his site will stay up. It has a "Christmas in July, Shop
> Now, QVC" banner, and a text link "Shop Cyber Monday Deals in July at
> QVC.com!")
> 3) "Cyber Monday" could be expanding to include various other online sales
> promotions, as in this site:
> http://blog.step2.com/2011/06/cyber-monday-deals-continue-through-june.cfm,
> which offers reduced prices on select items every Monday. (Note that this
> page is dated June 2011, but is still up, although the reduced prices don't
> seem valid any longer.)

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